Best Camping Activities

While camping in itself will keep you more than occupied, one of the main reasons you probably went to camp is to do other outdoor activities as well! You can do some research beforehand to seek out a campground that will cater specifically to one (or more) of these activities, or just work with the land where you go! Our favorite activities include:

-Hiking! Perhaps the most popular camping activity, hiking can be done simply from a campsite. Be sure to check the difficulty of the hike you are planning to do, and bring ample food and water with you.

-Fishing, clamming, and crabbing – It doesn’t get much better than eating fresh fish that you caught that very day for dinner.

-Mountain biking – What better way to explore the terrain and get a bit out of the camp site to the beautiful vistas around you.

-White water rafting – This is one of the most exciting camping activities! If there is a river close to your site, this can be a perfect way to spend your day.

-Boating – Any sort of boating whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, motorboat, or sailing, is a great way to soak up the sun while camping. If you choose to use a motorboat, you can also attach a tube off the back for tubing, or go water skiing.

-Horseback riding – Some campsites will have specific equestrian trails. How fun will that be! Take it from us, if you are a beginner, a few hours of riding will leave you tuckered out in the best way.

-Soccer, football, kickball or baseball – As long you have a couple people for each team, you can make a soccer or football field on just about any piece of flat ground. Bonus that these balls are light to carry with you!

-Volleyball – With a net set up, you can take on your friends in this fun game! It’s also a great way to meet people that are interested in joining your game.

-Rock climbing – Safety first for this activity – prior to arriving at your campsite, be sure to research the safest climbing sites and be careful not to do anything outside of your experience level.

-Plant and animal identification – Finding and identifying the many species of plants can keep you occupied all day! Make it into a scavenger hunt to see how many you can find, and include some berries for a sweet snack. You can also bring along binoculars and spot some awesome bugs or birds along the way!

-Play manhunt, sardines or hide and seek

-Cook a gourmet meal using just the fire and tools you brought

What if, despite all your planning, it rains on the day of your trip?! Now what? Well, we have you covered for that too. Make sure to bring a few of these as a backup for your trip.

-Play card games

-Compete in board games

-Have a water gun or water balloon fight – If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

-Perform some arts – draw, color, paint, or knit


-Play games such as charades. Make it a drinking game for added fun!

-Write in a journal or try your hand at creative writing

-Use a portable laptop or tablet to watch a movie or listen to a podcast. Pro tip – you can never be sure what the service or internet will be like while camping, so download some to your hard drive before heading out.

-Tell each other spooky stories

-Have a dance battle

-Play truth or dare

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