The 5 Main Health Benefits of Camping

When thinking of a camping trip, many great things come to mind. One that probably doesn’t is that it is actually really good for you! Here are the 5 main reasons why.

1) It lowers stress – Camping reduces depressive symptoms almost immediately. Once you are greeted by the fresh air and greenery around you, you will instantly breathe easier. The trees all around increase the level of oxygen in your brain, which will trigger the release of serotonin, making you feel instantly happier.

Being out in nature also reduces obsessive thinking. That problem that’s been on your mind will slip into the background, and you will be free to enjoy the here and now. As an added bonus, studies have shown that while your mind is quiet and at ease, you are more likely to make a connection and thus, come up with an instant creative solution.

2) It increases social connections – Some say laughter is the best medicine, something I agree with wholeheartedly. Nothing feels quite as good as a weekend spent thoroughly enjoying yourself with friends and family. According to the results of the 2017 North American Camping Report, the #1 reason teens choose to go camping is to spend time with their families.

A huge factor to further social connections is that many times going camping means being unplugged. Not having to worry about staying connected on your devices means that you can focus more time and energy on each other.

3) Fun activities – While camping, there is an array of fun activities to do that promote a healthy lifestyle. Many campgrounds are near areas where you can hike, fish, bike, run, white water raft, water ski, rock climb, and much more. Not only are these good for your body, but great for your mind and mood!

4) You’ll get a good night’s sleep – Abundant natural light benefits your vision, leads to increased productivity, boosts your body’s Vitamin D storage, and of course, helps you sleep at night. Not to mention all the physical activity that you did during the day will have worn you out.

5) You’ll get inspired – While your mind is relaxed and you are enjoying the happy feeling of having learned and done new things, you will think about how to make this feeling continue occurring in your life. This could lead to great new thoughts, ideas, realizations, and the inspiration to make camping a regular part of your routine.

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