Sleeping Bag Maintenance Hacks

Whether your sleeping bag is mummy style or rectangular, synthetic or down, there are hacks you can use to extend the high quality life of your bag. By following these hacks, my sleeping bag has stayed in top condition. Follow these so that yours does too!

  1. Keep it dry – The first and most important sleeping bag care hack is to keep your bag dry and protected from the elements. This will keep you warm and dry most importantly, and ensure that the insulation in your bag lasts as long as possible. Unfortunately, we know that it is not always possible to avoid the bag getting wet, so in this case, be sure to open the bag up and let it air dry as soon as possible. Pro tip: be sure to carry a waterproof stuff sack with you so that while you are on the go, the sleeping bag will remain dry in its holder.
  2. Store your sleeping bag out of its compression sack. The ideal way to store your sleeping bag is by opening it up and keeping it open or folded loosely. Great places to store are under your bed, in a garment bag, over a drying rack, or simply folded on a shelf. Keeping the bag compressed while storing will decrease the loft of your fill, making it harder to stay warm at night.
  3. Rinse dirt off yourself and wear clean clothes. This may seem like a no brainer, but sleeping after you’ve showered or rinsed the dirt off, and changed into clean clothes for the night will limit the amount of dirt, odor, and body oils that soak into the bag. This will extend the life of your inner lining and keep your insulation intact.
  4. Do not place your bag directly on the ground. Putting your bag on top of the floor of a tent, over a sleeping pad, or on a carpet are ideal ways to set up your bag. If placed directly on the ground, not only will it be a bit more uncomfortable and cold, but the bag will endure much more wear and tear, and will seem worn out quickly.
  5. Wash your bag, but not too often. Depending on what type of bag you have, you may be able to put into the washer machine on a gentle wash. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s label. If your bag is not machine safe, you can simply use soap and water. Ideally, you should leave the bag out to dry in open air after you have finished. Again, as long as it’s okay by the manufacturer, you can put your bag on a low setting in the dryer. Don’t worry about washing your sleeping bag too often, certainly not after every use. Depending how much you use it, about once a year or once every other year should be plenty.

Following these sleeping bag care hacks will help you to extend the life your sleeping bag, and keep you nice and toasty on the nights you need it the most.

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