5 Campsites You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

  1. Sea Cliff Camping and Cliff Camping

Of all the adventures that could be had in life, this must rank up at the very top. Cliff camping involves climbing up a mountainside, then later rappelling down another side and setting up camp for the night. Camp is a cot called a portaledge which is big enough for two sleeping bags, on the side of the cliff. As you can imagine, cliff camping is not for the faint of heart!

Though this sounds intimidating, you will be with well-trained and experienced guides who will help you and calm your anxieties every step of the way. They will check your gear to ensure everything is working properly and will answer any questions you have before, after and during the trip. You will also always be tethered in case of any slips.

Currently, the only place that you can cliff camp in North America is at Estes Park in Colorado. Across the pond, in Anglesley, North Wales, and on the Jurassic (Dorset) Coast of the UK, you can up the stakes even further and go sea cliff camping. Not only do you get to experience the beautiful skies and stars, you will hear the calm waves breaking and sounds of birds chirping in the morning.

Cliff camping or sea cliff camping seems like the ultimate way to experience nature and feel the thrill of adventure.


  1. The Great Wall of China
Source: chinahiking.cn/great-wall-camping/camp-on-the-great-wall-chen-castle/

Yes, you heard correctly. It is possible to go camping on the Great Wall of China! Can it get more epic?

You can either do some research beforehand on acceptable areas and go it on your own with a guide, or you can join a tour group to help you achieve this goal.

The tour itineraries usually consist of hiking the Wall during the day, then setting up camp and enjoying the sunset and hanging out with other group members at night. In the morning, you can witness what is hailed as one of the most beautiful sunrises in China, and continue to hike along the Wall. There are many different programs you can join, ranging from a 1 night trip to a 12 day trek with camping at nights.

When choosing a tour or a guide, you also should be on the lookout for whether you are scheduled to camp on the wall, or near the wall at the base. If you’re going on your own with a guide, be sure to listen to their advice as there are certain restricted areas of the Wall, and you want to stay well within limits.


  1. Tree Camping in Germany
Source: Waldseilgarten

Want to experience a night in the heart of the forest from the most unique vantage point? Waldseilgarten Camping Resort in Bavaria, Germany is the place for you! You can sleep in a portaledge suspended in trees 20 feet up in the air. You have two options – you can suspend the portaledge tent between 4 trees for a more stable platform to sleep on, or you can suspend it between 2 trees for a maybe I’m camping, maybe I’m hammocking type feeling.

The campgrounds will keep you entertained during the day as they include an obstacle course, ziplining, a rope course, rock climbing, and archery. You can spend the day tiring yourself out, and when it is time for bed, you will ascend into your portaledge tent. No previous climbing experience is necessary, and food, water and basic camping essentials such as a sleeping bag will be provided for you.


  1. Sleep Under the Northern Lights in a Glass Igloo
Source: kakslauttanen.fi/accommodation/

Seeing the incredible Aurora Borealis is a dream for many, including myself. So why not take it a step further and dream comfortably under the Northern Lights in a glass-topped igloo! Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland lets you do just that. They will even ring a bell to notify you when the phenomenon is occurring.

With the Northern Lights visible 8 months of the year from August to April, you have ample time to plan your visit. You can choose from the many options Kakslauttanen offers such as the glass-topped igloo, a traditional igloo made of ice, and even a log cabin good for up to 10 people with a glass-topped igloo attached. Seeing something so awe-inspiring right from your bed is a win-win. I am definitely adding this to my list!


  1. Camp on a Raft in Belgium
SOURCE: originalhotels.org/camping-raft-hotel-floating-camping-rafts-in-lakes/

Sleep with the lull of moving water beneath you on these large wooden rafts. The rafts are permanently locked down so you won’t be floating downriver as you sleep, just enjoying the peacefulness of life on the water. You are completely sheltered in the case of bad weather, but there is room out front to sit on some chairs and enjoy the waterfront view.

Canoes are provided as a form of transportation with every campsite. During the day, you can take a canoe trip up and down the river. Stop in on a couple of towns along the river where you can hike, bike, or enjoy a nice meal. Seems like the perfect mix of activity and relaxation!


Feature Image Source: Buster Jesik; theguardian.com/travel/2014/oct/05/cliff-camping-in-colorado-rocky-mountains

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