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5 Campsites You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Sea Cliff Camping and Cliff Camping Of all the adventures that could be had in life, this must rank up at the very top. Cliff camping involves climbing up a mountainside, then later rappelling down another side and setting up camp for the night. Camp is a cot called a portaledge which is big enough […]

How You Can Make a Difference On Earth Day

We’ve all been there before – heard about an amazing initiative or cause that we support, but have somehow talked ourselves out of getting anything done for it. Oh, what difference could one person make? How would anyone even know anything had changed, and would there really be an effect? We are here to let […]

Best Campsites to Stargaze From

Stargazing can be one of the best things about camping. It’s not the reason we camp, but it’s part of the whole experience that keeps us coming back – sitting around the campfire at night, breathing in that fresh, cool air and taking a minute to glance upwards to admire the sparkling sky. Unfortunately, places […]


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