Frequently Asked Questions

Sakari Sisu Sleeping Bag

Q: What are the best uses for my Sakari Sisu sleeping bag?
A: The Sakari Sisu sleeping bag will showcase its versatility by being your go-to product for all of the following.
Hiking & Camping – Our 3 season sleeping bag is perfect for all types of camping. While hiking, unzip the bag to be a blanket to take a rest or stop for lunch.
Picnics and sporting events – Unzip the Sakari sleeping bag so that it doubles as a comfortable blanket to sit on.
Road trips – Whether you are sleeping in a motel, RV, or the back of your car, our bag will be there to keep you warm!
Sleep overs – Set up your family and friends that are staying over for a peaceful, comfortable night’s sleep.
Cuddling up on the couch – Need an extra blanket? Or want to feel the cuddly warmth all around? Keep the Sakari sleeping bag on hand next time you are watching a movie.

Q: What is the best way to store my Sakari sleeping bag?
A: The ideal way to store your sleeping bag is to keep the bag out of the compression sack in order to keep the fill breathable. You can do this by hanging the bag over a railing, using the loops on the bottom of the bag to hang it, setting it out as a blanket, or loosely folding or rolling.

Q: Will my bag stay water resistant over time?
A: Every Sakari sleeping bag comes standard with DWR (durable water repellent). However, as time goes on, it will wear off and you will most likely want to buy some DWR of your own and spray the bag.

Q: What does a 30°F / 0°C temperature rating mean?
A: We have engineered your 3 season Sakari sleeping bag so that you can sleep in the outdoors at temperatures 30°F / 0°C and above. This makes your bag perfect for camping in cooler weather as well as during the warm summer.

Q: How do I put my sleeping bag back into the compression sack?
A: The best method to store your sleeping bag is to hold the bag vertically and fold in half. Once folded, roll the bag from the hood down to the bottom. On the bottom of the bag, there are two buckles that you will then clasp over the rolled up bag to keep it secure. This will make it easier to put into the compression sack.

Q: How do I make the compression sack the smallest size that it can be?
A: Once the sleeping bag has been placed back into its compression sack, you can pull down on each of the side tabs. This will remove any trapped air from inside your sleeping bag, and will compress the material so that it is smaller for you to carry.

Q: What should I do if my sleeping bag gets wet?
A: Unfortunately, rain storms, dew and spills happen! At Sakari we fully understand this, so every Sakari sleeping bag comes standard with DWR water resistance. As this does not mean the bag is fully waterproof, if water does seep into the bag, try to squeeze out as much as you can and then air dry it. Spreading it out in the sun will help to drain all the excess water.

Q. Sakari sleeping bags are made with a polyester ripstop shell, polyester pongee lining, and a synthetic hollow fiber fill. What does this mean to me?
A: This means that you are getting the best of all worlds. The polyester pongee lining and synthetic hollow fiber fill will keep you warm on cold nights, and is breathable enough for warm summer nights. If wet, the synthetic fill will still hold insulation, and will dry quickly, much more quickly than a sleeping bag filled with down. The sleeping bag is also non-allergenic, so no worries about sneezing or weird rashes. A polyester ripstop outer shell will be durable against the elements, and will be soft and comfortable to the touch.

Q: How much does the sleeping bag weigh?
A: The Sakari Sisu sleeping bag itself weighs 4.85 lbs / 2.2 kg. Rolled up in the compression sack, it weighs 5.10 lbs / 2.31 kg. This makes it the perfect bag to bring with you whether you are hiking to your campsite or driving right up to it.

Q: What can I do with the provided carabiner?
A: Who doesn’t love a carabiner! Carabiners come free in every order so that you can use it however you please, whether that’s to attach your sleeping bag to a backpack, to put it around a water bottle, or to hold something in place. It is important to note however that these carabiners are not meant for climbing.

Washing and Maintenance

Q: Can I machine wash and machine dry my sleeping bag?
A: No. The Sakari Sisu sleeping bag should be hand washed and line dried.

Q: What is the best way to wash and dry my sleeping bag?
A: Simply use soap and water. Lightly sponging off the bag is a perfect technique to get any dirt off, and to maintain the integrity of the bag. Once the bag is washed, air drying is the best way for the bag to dry.

Q: Are there ways to preserve the life of my bag?
A: Yes, some things you can do to keep your bag in top condition include keeping it dry as much possible, storing your sleeping bag out of the compression sack, rinse dirt off yourself and your clothes before using it, and place at least one layer between your sleeping bag and the ground while using.

Shipping and Warranty Policy

Q: If I would like to return my Sakari Sisu sleeping bag, what are the conditions for a full refund?
A: In order to get a full refund on your Sakari Sisu sleeping bag, it needs to be returned unused, with no alterations and no damage within 30 days. It is important to remember that the sleeping bag is not machine washable. Upon receipt of returned goods, Sakari reserves the right to deny refund if the merchandise does not meet return policy requirements as outlined above.

Q: How do I go about returning my sleeping bag? And will I responsible for the cost?
A: If you would like to return or exchange your bag, log into the Sakari website and click into your order. You will find a “return or exchange” option, and you will need to enter the reason that you are returning your sleeping bag. A shipping label will then generate for you to attach to your sleeping bag. You will not be responsible for the cost of returns within 30 days as long as the bag meets the criteria outlined above.

Q: What is your warranty policy?
A: For any product that has an equipment malfunction or has something intrinsically wrong when received, you will be given a full refund up to 1 year after purchase. Log into the Sakari website and click into your order. You will find a “return or exchange” option, and you will need to enter the reason that you are returning your sleeping bag. Be sure to note the exact issue you have with the bag. At no cost to you, a shipping label will then generate for you to attach to your sleeping bag.