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Sleeping Bag Maintenance Hacks

Whether your sleeping bag is mummy style or rectangular, synthetic or down, there are hacks you can use to extend the high quality life of your bag. By following these hacks, my sleeping bag has stayed in top condition. Follow these so that yours does too! Keep it dry – The first and most important […]

Best Easy Meal Ideas for Camping

One of everyone’s favorite pastimes, eating, does not take a back seat while you are out trekking and camping. There are certain foods that are ideal to bring with you that won’t weigh you down too much, will keep you full through being active, are easy to cook, and that are delicious. As long as […]

The 5 Main Health Benefits of Camping

When thinking of a camping trip, many great things come to mind. One that probably doesn’t is that it is actually really good for you! Here are the 5 main reasons why. 1) It lowers stress – Camping reduces depressive symptoms almost immediately. Once you are greeted by the fresh air and greenery around you, […]

Best Campsites to Stargaze From

Stargazing can be one of the best things about camping. It’s not the reason we camp, but it’s part of the whole experience that keeps us coming back – sitting around the campfire at night, breathing in that fresh, cool air and taking a minute to glance upwards to admire the sparkling sky. Unfortunately, places […]

8 Great Places to Camp in California

Camping in California is something everyone should experience in their life. With it’s sprawling mountains, vast deserts and beautiful lakes, California has everything you could need to make that camping trip something you will never forget. We have put our heads together and come up with list of places we think are the best of […]

Best Camping Activities

While camping in itself will keep you more than occupied, one of the main reasons you probably went to camp is to do other outdoor activities as well! You can do some research beforehand to seek out a campground that will cater specifically to one (or more) of these activities, or just work with the […]


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